Achieving 120 FPS on PS5: A Comprehensive Guide

The Power of 120 FPS on PS5

Revolutionizing the gaming landscape, the PlayStation 5 (or PS5) harbors potential to deliver not just exceptional gaming experiences but also a stark upgrade in performance, focusing greatly on frame rates that can hit 120 FPS (frames per second).

Understanding FPS in Gaming

In the gaming universe, FPS refers to the number of still images that appear on your screen in one second. It significantly influences your gaming experience, with higher frame rates providing smoother appearances and transitions in the game played. The notion of 120 FPS is exhilarating. This significantly high FPS figure contributes to extra fluidity and realism in games, ensuring the most immersive gaming experience.

PS5 and the 120 FPS Potential

The PlayStation 5 promises a gaming experience like never before. As successors outdo predecessors, the PS5 model comes loaded with a rich suite of features and capabilities intended to upgrade the user experience and performance, the 120 FPS capability standing out among these features.

Enabling 120 FPS on PlayStation 5

To experience the fluid 120 FPS gameplay on PS5, certain crucial steps need to be followed. It starts with ensuring the readiness of all the hardware requirements.

Step 1: Verifying TV Support for 120Hz or 120 FPS

Before you get started, ensure that your television supports a refresh rate of 120Hz. This is essential for reaping the full benefits of 120 FPS gaming.

Step 2: Enable HDMI 2.1

You then need an HDMI 2.1 cable, which is bundled with the PS5. This cable supports high-bandwidth video formats, allowing for enhanced frame rates.

Step 3: Configure the PS5 Settings

Go to the PS5 settings, navigate to ‘Screen and Video’ then select ‘Video Output Information’. Here, ensure that your PS5 is set to ‘Automatic’ for ‘Enable Performance Mode or Resolution Mode.’

Step 4: Enable 120 FPS in Game Settings

Not all games support 120 FPS. Therefore, for the games that do, you would usually need to enable the 120 FPS mode in the game settings itself.

Games that Support 120 FPS on PS5

The list of games that support 120 FPS on PS5 is small but growing, with developers realizing the potential of high frame rates in enhancing gaming experiences.

  1. Call of Duty: Warzone – Offering a competitive edge to players by enabling smoother movements and transitions.

  2. Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition – High FPS makes fast-paced action scenarios more visually stunning and improved.

  3. Fortnite – The 120 FPS mode enhances the dynamism of the game offering more fluid movements and better response times.

These are just a few of the games ready to exploit the 120 FPS capability of the PS5. More games are anticipated to join the list soon.

The Bottom Line – Is 120 FPS on PS5 Worth It?

Taking a step back to absorb the bigger picture, 120 FPS on PS5 signifies a giant leap in the gaming universe. It’s not just about the increase in numbers but also about the enriched, fluid, and immersive gaming experience this frame rate can provide.

While it may still be a while before this becomes the norm, getting the PS5 ready for 120 FPS is a worthwhile venture for any serious gamer. The efforts made are rewarded with a gaming experience like no other, with smooth transitions and swift response time.

Indeed, the endeavour for 120 FPS gaming on the PS5 is not just the future of gaming, but also engenders a redefinition of the gaming domain as we know it.

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