On Our Way!

Hey backers!

Wow, we are only a month away from the debut of our little Rock & Roll Fable. Can’t believe it! We are looking so forward to seeing many of you for one (or more!) of our shows October 20, 21, and 22 at The Josephine. 

Between our awesome IGG supporters and some fab Business Sponsors, we raised a little over 11K for our project. You may recall our stated goal was 25K & may be asking yourself how we can afford to put the show on when we didn’t hit our target. I wanted to give you guys some insight into that.

Originally, the total 25K goal was going to cover:   

  • recording, mixing and mastering our EP
  • creating artwork for poster and CD cover
  • replicating 500 copies of the EP
  • reserving a community theater space for 4 nights
  • retaining a top tier sound person to run our live show sound + use their sound equipment
  • retaining a visual artist to create visual media to accompany the live show + small budget for projection equipment.
  • pay our 4 band members and 13 vocalists an honorarium for each of the manyrehearsals it takes to prepare for the EP (7 songs) and for the live show (27 songs). Dozens of rehearsals, yall! That’s so much time away from jobs and family and free time. We really wanted to offer them a small stipend for that sacrifice. And finally…
  • pay each of our 4 band members and 13 vocalists a professional wage for each recording session and for the 4 live performances.


Something we learned along the way was that the cost to do large scale projection at the Josephine was going to be much more expensive than what we had budgeted for, and also more technically difficult to pull off than originally imagined. It was a reeeally tough call but, we made the decision to cut the live visual component from our show. Our visual artist Daniela Riojas was nothing short of a consummate pro all the way, and while we are sad to lose her contribution she remains supportive of Paradise City.

What we have covered:

  • record, mix and master the EP
  • pay professional wages to band and vocalists for the recording sessions
  • create poster & CD cover artwork
  • replicate 500 copies of the EP
  • reserve The Josephine Theater for 3 nights
  • retain a pro sound person + equipment for live show 

We have our minimums covered and are now focusing our efforts on straight ticket sales. We hope you will help us spread the word and bring some folks to the live show. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on all these months! No matter what, we are so proud of the show and everyone’s hard work.

Sending our best, 

Bekah & Ricky